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Routine Home Care

Routine home care is provided by hospice in the patient’s place of residence. The care is delivered by a specially trained and compassionate staff of medical, spiritual and social work professionals and volunteers. Assistance with pain management, skilled nursing care, symptom management and activities of daily living are provided. The interdisciplinary hospice team coordinates care with the patient and family.

Most patients, with the assistance of the hospice team, are able to remain in their place of residence, whether it is a private home or nursing home duration of their illness. If the patient lives in a long-term care facility or nursing home, the care delivered is in addition to the normal nursing care provided by the facility and is covered by Medicare under a separate benefit. The care is coordinated by the interdisciplinary hospice team, nursing facility staff, the patient and the family.

Routine Hospice Care is the most common level of hospice care provided to patients with limited life expectancy.

Routine Hospice Care includes, but is not limited to, nursing and home health aide services, as well as counseling and social worker visits. Patients may receive Routine Hospice Care in their home or wherever they “call home”— a private residence, a hospice residential care facility, a nursing facility, an assisted living facility or an adult care home – when the care is related to the terminal diagnosis and included in the plan of care for the patient. Routine Hospice Home Care includes intermittent visits from all the members of the Interdisciplinary Team.

A patient will be placed at this level of care if they reside at home (or a long-term care facility) and the symptoms of their illness are controlled with medication and treatments.

A patient receiving Routine Hospice Care has access to the following services:

  • Visiting nurses

  • On – call services 24 hours, seven days a week when needed

  • Nutritional assessments

  • Home health aide

  • Pain and symptom management

  • Medical equipment, medications and supplies

The needs of the patient will determine the number of visits from hospice staff team members. These needs are identified and outlined in a plan of care developed by you, the patient and family, and the hospice team and physician(s). The care plan serves as a guideline to assist all those providing care and support to the patient. At this level of care the patient also has access to an on-call hospice nurse twenty-four hours a day.

Nurses, physicians, social workers, nurse assistants and volunteers will work together efficiently and effectively to manage the symptoms of the patient’s illness, whether they are physical or emotional. The Hospice of Grace team will strive to understand the patients’ goals for living in this phase of their lives.

Bereavement care and support is provided to loved ones for up to one year after death has occurred.

Knowing when it is time to decide on hospice and choosing the right hospice care provider are two critical decisions. Hospice of Grace is here to help guide patients through the decision making process for end-of-life care.


Hospice of Grace is a leading provider of hospice care in Southern California

Arpi Grace Kestenian

Chief Executive Officer

Arpine Grace Kestenian is the Chief Executive Officer of Hospice of Grace. She is a leader in the health care industry with over twenty years of quality management experience. She is known for her managed care dealings on behalf of a multitude of medical groups, physicians and hospitals. She is widely respected in the community as a reliable and knowledgeable source with regard to all aspects of healthcare. She provides community education through the media and is revered as an extraordinary resource for navigation through our complicated health care systems. She has served on multiple community and executive boards, including but not limited to: Glendale Youth Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, and branches of the American Medical Society. She volunteers for community foundations and is a leader at procuring funds for the Bone Marrow Donor Registry for those in need worldwide. She has been very successful at individual causes brought to her attention through the “Gift of Life Foundation” dedicated to support for children with life threatening illnesses.

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