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A leading provider of hospice care in Southern California.


About Hospice of Grace

Hospice of Grace is a leading provider of hospice care services in Southern California. Our team works closely with the patient’s family and physician to meet the patient’s needs in the comfort of their own home, or in the residence of their choice. Hospice of Grace takes a progressive approach to hospice nursing and care, focusing our energies on bringing this gift to more eligible patients and developing new ways to better serve the patients who entrust us with their care.

We are also accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit accrediting body for health care organizations. Its purpose is to define and advance the highest level of care above and beyond the acceptable standards.

Our Philosophy of Care

Hospice of Grace honors the value of the human spirit by empowering patients to maximize their independence and focus on what’s most important: Life.
We believe that no matter what age, physical condition or mental acuity, the human spirit thrives on personal growth and fulfillment. This belief provides the foundation for Hospice of Grace’s exceptional care and allows us to enrich the lives of those we serve. Our goal is to give you the best care possible.

At Hospice of Grace we value and enjoy caring for our patients, as we would for our loved ones. Our commitment is to always treat people with compassion and dignity. Hospice of Grace’s Comprehensive Care philosophy makes hospice nursing available to all eligible patients by removing barriers and overcoming obstacles to access. This passion is a driving force behind Hospice of Grace’s ability to sustain its reputation as a hospice of choice – for our patients, our families, our employees and our volunteers.

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Hospice of Grace is a leading provider of hospice care in Southern California

Arpi Grace Kestenian

Chief Executive Officer

Arpine Grace Kestenian is the Chief Executive Officer of Hospice of Grace. She is a leader in the health care industry with over twenty years of quality management experience. She is known for her managed care dealings on behalf of a multitude of medical groups, physicians and hospitals. She is widely respected in the community as a reliable and knowledgeable source with regard to all aspects of healthcare. She provides community education through the media and is revered as an extraordinary resource for navigation through our complicated health care systems. She has served on multiple community and executive boards, including but not limited to: Glendale Youth Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, and branches of the American Medical Society. She volunteers for community foundations and is a leader at procuring funds for the Bone Marrow Donor Registry for those in need worldwide. She has been very successful at individual causes brought to her attention through the “Gift of Life Foundation” dedicated to support for children with life threatening illnesses.


It was nice to hear from you this week. Karmen and I were particularly impressed by your kind attentiveness in remembering the date of our wedding anniversary. Mind you, we were impressed but not surprised. After all, it was this kind of attention to detail and a personal approach from you and your entire staff that gave us the much needed support and the guidance to help us navigate through the hell we went through, while trying to care for our dear sister Narin (Karine).

She fought a good fight and gave us hope a few times. You went through the emotional rollercoaster with us and gently guided us to make the right decisions at every corner. You stood there with us and helped when others in your place may have thought of us as nothing but a number. I lost count of the times we called you at non business hours and got to talk to one of you, personally. Not once did we get a machine and not once did we have to identify ourselves. You just knew…

We felt then, and we still feel, that we made friends with you all.

Receiving this note from you just proves that we were right to choose Hospice of Grace to help us care for Narin, and it also proves that we weren’t wrong in feeling that we were in a loving care of friends.

Please keep doing what you do, so more families in similar circumstances as us may have the benefits we were given. We are sending our love to all of you at the Hospice of Grace.

With love,

Mike, Karmen, Alen and Karen

“What can I say about Hospice of Grace? Merely stating that they are wonderful is not enough. My mother received first-class care from Hospice of Grace. All of her needs were provided for in a comprehensive and timely way. More than that, she received compassion and consideration at the time she needed them most.

An organization is represented by the people involved with it. Never could one find such honestly loving care than that offered by the attentive staff of Hospice of Grace. It felt as if the people were almost family. All were hard-working, knowledgeable, and dedicated. I felt completely secure in trusting them with my precious mother’s final days.

I’d like to add that all of the folks from Hospice of Grace were also invaluable to my mother’s loved ones. Conscientious and concerned, they were always ready to include all of us. They shared general and specific information about everything that was happening and answered any questions we had. They supported us throughout some very trying and grief-filled times. They also helped provide cherished moments of laughter and love with my mother. We could not have survived without Hospice of Grace being there giving kind, personal attention to my mother and selflessly guiding us during all the difficult hours and days. My family and I will be eternally grateful to Hospice of Grace.”

Ronni Otake

“I have had some time to reflect on the passing of my mother. As you know it has been overwhelming emotional time. Looking back I feel very good that we gave her the best care and took care of her in the most dignified manner in the last few days of her life. This is a very positive reflection of your staff. Every one of your staff took care of my mother as if it was their mother. Weather it was cleaning her or administering medication. There was a high level of personal care. The conversations, the laughter, the ease and comfort of caring for her was and will be a special memory for me.

During this care my father was also present and he was also comfortable with your service. He reflected to me that he likes every one of the ladies that came and they seemed like family. I hope no one has to go through a difficult time like this, but if they do I hope they are surrounded by Caregivers from Hospice Of Grace.

On a management note I want to personally thank you Arpi for being there for my family and I. You went above and beyond the call of duty. You are very personable and very kind.”

Michael R. Ojaghian

“Hospice of Grace has been heaven sent! My 91 year old mother has been declining since she broke her hip. I feel so blessed to have found Hospice of Grace and I am extremely happy to have them involved with her care. Everyone is so kind, caring and knowledgeable.

I am relieved when I need to travel because I know my mother has an “angel” nurse like Ann to look over her.

Their support and understanding has helped me immensely during this difficult and very sad time. They are making the winding down of my mother’s life more comfortable for her, as well as easing my fears.”

Sandy K.

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